Article AccuTerm
Life Insurance Guides
See sidebar links for variable life, universal, etc.
Article AXA Equitable
Buying Life Insurance: What Kind And How Much?
Term-life vs permanent, whole, etc.
Article BabyZone
Choosing a Guardian, Trustee, and Executor
Article Benner, Katie
Life-Cycle Funds Not a Retirement Cure-All
Article BudgetLife
Budget Life's top 15 life insurance companies
Article BudgetLife
Budget Life's top 10 premium life insurance companies
Article ConsumerReports
Credit card buying guide
Includes link to PDF of specific recommendations
Article ConsumerReports
Brokerage service buying guide
Article Dogu, Laura
How To Diversify With Just Three Mutual Funds
Article IRS
IRA/Roth-IRA information
Article John Ameriks
Does the 4% rule hold up?
Note that the '4% rule' implies that your liquid savings at retirement be 25x your target annual spending.
Article Kiplinger
How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
Article Mint.com
Dave Swensen's Lazy Portfolio Allocation
Article Ramsey, Dave
The Truth About Life Insurance
Pitching Term over others
Article Rao, Venkatesh
Acting Dead, Trading Up and Leaving the Middle Class
"Or you can wait for all the King’s men and all the king’s horses to put Humpty-Dumpty together again."
Article Rosevear, John
Lifecycle Funds: Nutritious, or Fast Food?
Article Sethi, Ramit
Save $1,000 in 30 Days
30 different tips
Article Sethi, Ramit
Check and improve your Credit Score
To get lower-rate financing.
Article Sethi, Ramit
Credit Card Perks
A reminder of benefits you probably don't take advantage of.
Article Sethi, Ramit
How to get your credit card annual fee waived
The article's actually about bank fees, but he writes elsewhere he uses the same script.
Article Sethi, Ramit
How to get bank fees waived
Overdraft, etc.
Article Sethi, Ramit
The investment that buys, sells & stays age-appropriate FOR you
Article Spaulding, William C.
Determining Life Insurance Premiums for Term and Level-Premium Policies
Article Stewart, James B.
Influence of Money Market Funds Ended Overhaul
Money-market funds aren't as safe as they seem, and are hiding their risks from you.
Article TopTenReviews
Life Insurance Comparisons
Article Vohwinkle, Jeremy
Comparing Term, Universal, Variable, and Whole Life Insurance Policies
Article Wall St. Journal
Honestly, What's the Best Policy?
Term-life vs permanent, whole, etc.
Article Wealthfront
529 Plans and Saving For College
Good intro to 529 and related plans
Article Wikipedia
Types of individual retirement accounts
Book Chilton, David
Wealthy Barber
Book Sethi, Ramit
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Checking Account Charles Schwab
Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking
Checking Account ING-Direct
ING-Direct Electric-Orange Checking
Checking Account Simple
Simple (Bank Simple)
No branches, partners with Bancorp Bank. Debit card.
Credit Card American Express
AmEx Starwood
Travel-rewards focused
Credit Card Fidelity Investment
Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa Signature Card
Cash-back into a Fidelity account
Investment broker T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price brokerage
Investment Broker Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab brokerage
Investment Broker Vanguard
Vanguard brokerage
Investment Broker Wealthfront
Software-focused investment management service
Lawyer Directory Martindale
Advanced Search for Lawyers, Law Firms & Organizations
Lawyer Directory Nolo
Find Estate Planning Law Firms, Lawyers and Attorneys
Life Insurance Carrier 0
Columbus Life Insurance Company
Life Insurance Carrier Cincinnati Financial Corporation
Cincinnati Life Insurance
Life Insurance Carrier Genworth Financial
Genworth Life Insurance
Life Insurance Carrier John Hancock
John Hancock
Life Insurance Carrier MassMutual
MassMutual Life Insurance
Life Insurance Carrier New York Life
New York Life Insurance Company
Life Insurance Carrier Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Life Insurance Carrier TIAA-CREF
TIAA-CREF Life Insurance Company
Life Insurance Carrier Western-Southern Life Insurance Company
Western-Southern Life Insurance
Life Insurance Guide Glenn Hafferty
Life Insurance Buying Guide
Life insurance is a very complicated product that has many facets which must be explored. When trying to figure out what coverage is needed, how to find it, and what price is reasonable, consumers often get overloaded with all the buying options. This guide is designed to offer a high-level overview of term life, whole life and universal life, and present the information in a reasonable manner than anyone can digest.
Mutual fund Vanguard
Vanguard core funds
Mutual fund Vanguard
Vanguard life-cycle funds
Online forum CreditKarma
CreditKarma Advice forums
Improving your credit, etc.
Savings Account Charles Schwab
Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Savings
Savings Account Emigrant Direct
Emigrant Direct Savings
Savings Account HSBC Direct
HSBC Direct Savings Account
Savings Account ING-Direct
ING-Direct Orange Savings
Software Avanquest
WillCreator Deluxe
No Mac version
Software Nolo
Nolo Quicken WillMaker Plus
No Mac version!
Standard forms FindLegalForms.com
Variety of options, at varying prices.
Standard forms ILRG
ILRG Legal Forms Archive
Standard forms Standard Legal
Complete Family Wills
WebApp AccuQuote
AccuQuote Life Insurance quote generator
WebApp Andrew Stacy
Debt Snowball Calculator
This debt snowball calculator illustrates by way of a schedule two main debt reduction strategies: the debt snowball method and the debt avalanche method.
WebApp AnnualCreditReport
Free AnnualCreditReport
WebApp BankRate
Credit Card directory
WebApp BankRate
Life Insurance Calculator
WebApp BankRate
Life Insurance Quote Generator
WebApp CreditKarma
Get your credit rating for free
WebApp DinkyTown
DinkyTown Asset Allocation Recommender
Enter some parameters, get pie chart of recommended balance.
WebApp DinkyTown
DinkyTown Debt Calculators
Give you sense of the cost of keeping debt.
WebApp DinkyTown
DinkyTown Savings Calculators
Show the benefit of increasing your savings.
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etrade Fund Research tools
WebApp IRA Bank Ratings
Directory of Community Banks
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LawDepot Last Will
WebApp LegacyWriter
WebApp LegalZoom
LegalZoom Will
Other documents have other process/pricing.
WebApp Marketplace Lists
Directory of Mutual Savings Banks
Profits benefit the customers.
WebApp Mint.com
Financial aggregator
Directory of Credit Unions
Research individual credit unions
To confirm credit-worthiness, etc.
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Online Will
WebApp Orman, Suze
Must-Have Documents
WebApp Planwise
Allows you to see and understand the impact of current and future financial decisions.
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WebApp RocketLawyer
Complete Will
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Life Insurance Calculator
WebApp WhatsTheCost
Snowball debt-reduction calculator
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