I created Personal Finance for Busy Parents because of my own frustration as a busy parent trying to get our family's finances/plans in order. Even having an MBA in Finance didn't make a difference. I had read a few different books over the years, but never got around to doing much because I felt overwhelmed by the "infinite to-do list". I started talking to other parents, and found that everyone felt the same way.

So I built the features that I thought would help you take action:

  • A prioritized list of Goals to attack (e.g. "make wills", "buy life insurance"). If you just start at the top, and focus on 1 at a time, you win! (You can also add your own Goals.)
  • Each Goal has a checklist (4-8 Steps) to keep you moving forward. (You can also add your own Steps to an existing Goal.)
  • For each Goal/Step there are Resources (books, software, directories of people) identified. (You can add your own Resources, and decide whether to share them with everyone.)
  • For each public Goal and Resource, there's a public discussion forum thread, so you can post questions, read/write reviews of Resources, etc.
  • You can keep a private diary of notes attached to each Step so you have a record of thoughts/actions.
  • You get a weekly email reminding you of your open Goals/Steps.