Guest-view of master Goals

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  • Automate savings for specific goals; So that they really happen
  • Automate your monthly payments; Avoid late fees (and credit-rating hit), reduce handling time
  • Buy Life Insurance for all adults; (Who either bring income or provide significant labor.)
  • Get your Parents to Make a Will; To avoid mess with your siblings, step-parents, etc.
  • Make 1-3 significant expense reductions; So you can save/invest more
  • Make Wills (and Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney) for all adults/asset-holders in family; To deal with child guardianship and distribution of assets
  • Negotiate with credit card companies; Reduce interest and fee expenses
  • Open non-401k retirement account; Tax-advantaged retirement investing
  • Open Roth IRA; Tax-advantaged retirement investing
  • Pay down your Credit Cards; To escape high-interest trap
  • Pay down your non-credit-card debts (student loans, cars, etc.); To avoid constant interest cost
  • Review/adjust your investment allocations; To take advantage of interest compounding
  • Review/control your cash flows; To get more saving and investing happening
  • Set up CollegeSavings accounts for kids; So that money is set aside and you get tax advantage
  • Set up your bank accounts; Reduce fees, create sub-accounts for savings goals, automate flows
  • Sign up for maximum allowable level of employer 401k; Tax-advantaged retirement investing.
  • Sign up for maximum matched level of employer 401k; to take advantage of matching