Parent: Make Wills (and Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney) for all adults/asset-holders in family (To deal with child guardianship and distribution of assets)

7: Decide on process and resources

People, books, forms, software, etc.

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Lawyer Directory Martindale
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Lawyer Directory Nolo
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Software Avanquest
WillCreator Deluxe
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Software Nolo
Nolo Quicken WillMaker Plus
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Standard forms
Variety of options, at varying prices. $0
Standard forms ILRG
ILRG Legal Forms Archive
Standard forms Standard Legal
Complete Family Wills
WebApp LawDepot
LawDepot Last Will
WebApp LegacyWriter
WebApp LegalZoom
LegalZoom Will
Other documents have other process/pricing. $69
WebApp Nolo
Online Will
WebApp Orman, Suze
Must-Have Documents
WebApp PrepareCase
WebApp RocketLawyer
Complete Will
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