132: Open Roth IRA

Tax-advantaged retirement investing


Establish whether you qualify for a Roth IRA (133)
Find out maximum amount you can put into Roth IRA (134)
Review current cash flows, decide where money for your contribution will come from. Adjust budgets. (135)
Pick firm to manage your IRA (136)
Open account, set up automatic contribution from your checking account. (137)
Decide how to allocate your investment. (162)

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Article IRS
IRA/Roth-IRA information
Article Stewart, James B.
Influence of Money Market Funds Ended Overhaul
Money-market funds aren't as safe as they seem, and are hiding their risks from you. $0
Book Sethi, Ramit
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Chapter 3
Investment broker T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price brokerage
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Charles Schwab brokerage
Investment Broker Vanguard
Vanguard brokerage
Investment Broker Wealthfront
Software-focused investment management service $0
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