84: Set up your bank accounts

Reduce fees, create sub-accounts for savings goals, automate flows


Check the markets for rates, minimum balances, fees, etc. (85)
Negotiate with bank: drop fees, minimum balances, etc. (86)
Get checking and savings accounts (not necessarily from same bank) that you can manage online. (87)
Set up direct deposit for your paycheck. (88)
Set up separate sub-accounts within Savings for each goal you are saving for. (89)

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Article Sethi, Ramit
How to get bank fees waived
Overdraft, etc. $0
Book Sethi, Ramit
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Chapter 2
Checking Account Charles Schwab
Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking
Checking Account ING-Direct
ING-Direct Electric-Orange Checking
Checking Account Simple
Simple (Bank Simple)
No branches, partners with Bancorp Bank. Debit card. $0
Savings Account Charles Schwab
Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Savings
Savings Account Emigrant Direct
Emigrant Direct Savings
Savings Account HSBC Direct
HSBC Direct Savings Account
Savings Account ING-Direct
ING-Direct Orange Savings
WebApp IRA Bank Ratings
Directory of Community Banks
WebApp Marketplace Lists
Directory of Mutual Savings Banks
Profits benefit the customers. $0
Directory of Credit Unions
Research individual credit unions
To confirm credit-worthiness, etc. $0
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